Contemporary Stone & Tile Design: Vol. 16, № 3 (Summer 2010)

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On The Cover
The exterior facade of a private residence in Austin, TX, features random cut pieces of local sandstone, which was supplied by Howard Pierce & Sons of Austin, TX. The warm natural hues of the stone fit well with the home's natural surroundings. Design by James D. LaRue Architecture/Design, Austin TX. Photo ©Coles Hairston/Courtesy of Through the Lens Mgt. Story begins on page 20.

Floor Trends Magazine: Vol. 12, № 7 (July 2010)

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On The Cover:
The Craftique Tejas Maple Collection in Golden Palamino stain from Harris Wood features bold cross-directional hand-scraping that creates dramatic texture variations and complements stone floors such as granite and slate. Planks are 5" wide x 1/2" thick x random lengths. Photo courtesy Harris Wood.

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 29, № 1 (The Musings of a Tile Consultant)

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The last two issues of the Commercial Flooring Report (May and June 2010) dealt with floor covering failures relative to the products themselves, installation and specification. In this issue I've asked Dave Gobis, LGM's ceramic tile consultant and expert troubleshooter, to share with us some of the more specific issues dealing with ceramic flooring complaints, problems and failures. This is a category of flooring that very few know much about. I consider Dave the most knowledgeable guy in the business. You'll see by his credentials at the end of his article how true that is.