TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 1 (January / February 2019)

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On the cover:

Atlas Concorde's Boost collection embraces a classic concrete look, which is enriched with shiny, colorful inserts and a refreshing hexagonal mosaic format. The mosaic option is intended specifically for indoor wall applications, offering a chic metropolitan look to any space. Two base color options — Tarmac and Smoke — come in different combinations with three decor colors — Black, Yellow and Jade. The mosaic format measures 9 7/8 x 11 1/4 inches.

Countertops and Architectural Surfaces: Vol. 12, № 1 (Quarter 1, 2019)

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Cover Photo
This photo depicting Meganite's new X Series solid surface (Dark Jet Black) is just one of the many new colors and materials on the market. This new color is designed to make any scratches to the material less visible when compared to other dark colors and is just one of many new offerings being presented by various manufacturers. Read more about the latest new colors and materials on Page 20.

Contemporary Stone & Tile Design: Vol. 26, № 1 (Winter 2019)

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Tile design trends continuously change in kitchen and bath applications. In the story beginning on page 26, we take a look at the rise of popularity of different tiles, including the colors, pat- terns, shapes and sizes that are favored today. As the cover photo illustrates, it is not uncommon to see contrasting products, such as hexagonal wall tiles paired with large wood-look floor planks, to make for a stylish design. Photo courtesy of The Tile Doctor.

Remodeling: Vol. 35, № 1 (January / February 2019)

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According to recent research, almost half of homeowners want to move out of their house simply for better design. Fortunately for remodelers, more and more homeowners are choosing to stay put. These growing market forces present ample opportunity for you to provide your customers with the designs they crave in their existing home. Our coverage provides clear guidance.

Cover: DXV Blade from American Standard