Starlog: Vol. 13, № 1 (Under Water)

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Preparing Sub-Floor Slabs That Have Been Submerged for a New Flooring System.

Mother Nature holds nothing back when it comes to storms.
It can sometimes take years for people to recover from hurricanes and tropical storms and the resulting flooding. Some of the most difficult installation challenges arise in the wake of natural disasters. And when water is present, these projects must be approached carefully and sys- tematically. If not, subsequent failure is highly likely.

The general rule of thumb is: no two restoration projects are the same. Each project must be inspected and dealt with according to individual circumstances. This issue of Starlog highlights some of the considerations of installing commercial flooring on slabs that have been submerged. For any of the following steps, Starnet Members are here to help.

Starlog: Vol. 12, № 1 (Choosing the Right LVT for Your Project)

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With LVT you can have it all. Aesthetics. Performance. Low maintenance. Long life-cycle. With so many reasons to love luxury vinyl tile (LVT), it is becoming the product of choice for commercial spaces ranging from retail, healthcare and education to hospitality and office. And while some LVTs are tailor-made for commercial use, others are geared for homeowners. How to make sense of the thousands of options, let alone which may be the best solution for your project? Your Starnet member has the expertise to help you navigate the world of LVT.

Starlog: Vol. 11, № 2 (Pre-Installation Checklists Ensure a Trouble-Free Floor Installation)

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"Be prepared" is not just a Boy Scout motto. Being prepared for a floor installation project is the best way to ensure your project will flow smoothly and with the least amount of disruption to the overall construction schedule. It seems simple enough, but it's easy to overlook a critical task if you're not aware of what it is, why it's important, when to do it and who is is responsible for getting it done. This Starlog provides an overview of some important pre-installation checklist items you can use to "be prepared" for your next flooring project.

Starlog: Vol. 10, № 3 (The High Cost of Buying Low Part 2)

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Time and again, businesses decide to purchase carpet directly from a manufacturer. Their reasoning is simple. Buying a commodity product direct will save middleman expenses. More often than not, these companies find out the hard way, that carpet is not a commodity, and that buying direct does not save money in the long run. In many cases, it doesn't even save money in the short run! Buying direct paves the way for "nobody wins" scenarios that drive installation complaints and claims up.

Starlog: Vol. 10, № 2 (Purchasing Flooring Direct)

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Here's a subject that is as relevant and topical today as it was when Starnet[r] first covered it in "Carpeting Without A Professional" in Starlog Volume 1, Issue 4, published in 1999.

Starnet[r] members consistently rank that newsletter as one of the most requested of all Starlog. We've received many requests to revise the original newsletter with updates on the costs and complications. So, we'd like to take this opportunity to reintroduce this important topic to Starnet[r] member customers

Starlog: Vol. 8, № 2 (Carpet 101)

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What are some of the performance components that make carpet perform well? Although you needn't be an expert on all carpet matters, a basic understanding of construction will help you choose a carpet that meets the physical and aesthetic needs of your space. Plus, a working knowledge about construction will help everyone on the project — manufacturers, designers, contractors and end users — ensure that the carpet delivers on everyone's expectations.

Starlog: Vol. 8, № 1 (Floor Preparation Estimates)

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A flooring contractor can provide a ballpark estimate during a project's pecification stage. But providing a hard quote for the actual cost is like predicting the score of a game when the first pitch is thrown.

Sure, player stats and team standings may be good indicators, but how any one game plays out can leave us in suspense until the bottom of the ninth.

And so it is with floor preparation estimates. Every job is unique.

Starlog: Vol. 7, № 3 (Want to Score a Perfect "10" on Your Flooring Projects?)

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Work With a Starnet Member!

In 1992, a handful of independent professional flooring contractors from around the country came together to discuss a novel concept. By sharing knowledge, skills and resources with each other, they realized they could become a positive force for the betterment of their trade, and help their customers do their jobs better, too. Fifteen years later, and now 168 Members strong, these industry leaders hold true to their original vision. By doing so, they continue to earn the respect and trust of architects, designers, facility managers and the flooring industry's premier manufacturers.

Starlog: Vol. 7, № 2 (The "Cure" for Concrete Moisture and pH Ills)

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Moisture-related floor covering failures are responsible for over $1 billion annually in damages. The problems range from cupping, buckling, blistering and adhesive failure to discoloration and mold growth. These issues can occur soon after the installation, and in some cases, years down the road. This StarLog provides information about concrete, moisture and pH problems and solutions.