Contemporary Stone & Tile Design: Vol. 18, № 3 (Summer 2012)

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On The Cover
A total of 375 square feet of custom handmade tile was employed throughout a private residence in Decatur, MI. The homeowner was seeking a "blast of color" for the floor design in the home's foyer and hallway, and ultimately, a vivid and unique pattern was achieved with varying tile shapes and sizes. Design by Colleen Crawley. Tiles manufactured
by Motawi Tileworks of Ann Arbor, MI. Story begins on page 14.

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 50, № 1 (What Constitutes Wear In Flooring Materials)

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This has been a concern for as long as there has been floor covering.

Old materials consisted of dull and lifeless looking hard surface tiles or sheet goods. The old Battleship linoleums, mostly gray in color or hard surface tiles that were brown, reddish brown, black, gray or various shades of non-brilliant looking, unexciting and definitely not fashion forward flooring. Nothing mattered but the performance of the product and the products were so dull that nothing really affected them except for soil and that was hidden, for the most part, by how bland the product was.