Buildings: Vol. 114, № 3 (May / June 2020)

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On The Cover: Today's Office Trends: Workplaces and office spaces have changed over the years as we learn more about what people need to be successful. Current designs focus on creating unique, memorable spaces and putting the occupant first. This year's annual look at office and interior renovations looks at three trends: special features that set spaces apart, wellness and health-centered design, and local details. Find more in our online gallery at

Remodeling: Vol. 36, № 3 (May / June 2020)

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This year's list of top remodeling firms comes at a time of profound transition, as U.S. businesses emerge from a period of extraordinary economic contraction caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Business will likely return in fits and starts. But once the country is again running full bore, these top firms will undoubtedly rise above the rest.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 17, № 4 (June 2020)

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ON THE COVER: Ege Seramik's new Verona collection offers a high-gloss wall tile featuring an incredibly unique "wavy surface." The 4- x 12-inch subway tiles reflect beautifully and will never looks the same from any two angles. They are available in four colors — White, Anthracite, Turquoise and Taupe — and are ideal for modern kitchens or contemporary bathrooms.